Karma Transformed: Fast-Track Your Evolution

The Ascension Perspective (2017) was our first book. Karma Transformed is a sequel of remarkable dialogues, from formal and informal meditation, over some 16 years. These conversations occurred with our Source that we call LIFE (Creator of All, or God who speaks with multiple voices).

For those interested in a conscious connection and unity, LIFE is shortcutting the ancient process–earlier conditioning from lives past, which has been retained and brought forward, called Karma. The pace of evolution can be greatly accelerated for all who open to LIFE. For the first time, the need for long-term cancellation of untoward effects on your soul from numerous previous lives can be eliminated quickly now. This replaces the influence of what was earlier called “natural laws” of Earth. Transformation of primeval Karma takes on new meaning. Learn all about it!

LIFE’s intent is to transform you, entirely. A conscious unity with LIFE now negates earlier ways of doing things, making the original eons of small changes unnecessary. You are no longer subject to them. Without LIFE’s intervention, however, limitations of human experience are too extensive for unity to occur except over eons of time. But now, your evolution can be fast-tracked!

The mutually reinforcing qualities of LIFE’s energy interventions virtuously spirals the pace of evolution. With a change in perspectives, a new energy state activates within, freeing you for renewal and speeds up your evolution. Under LIFE’s guidance and transforming energies, you can reprocess eons of lives in an accelerated evolutionary mode. Healing the effects of your past quickly prepares you for imminent Planetary Transformation as well as progress toward the experience of Ascension.

Conscious unity with LIFE, infinite in scope, while offering joy, peace, and confidence, is a much greater accomplishment than anything else you can imagine!