Too Much, Too Little, Just Right: From Extremes to Balance ebook

“Why is it only after I’ve screwed up, that I can see what I should have done?”

“Why do I go to such extremes that I make bad situations even worse?”

“I don’t know what happened, I just lost it.”

“How can I really change my life?”

Psychologist, Kelly Randolph Bennett, PhD, has often been approached with this concerns by people coming to him for guidance. In meeting their needs, he became increasingly frustrated with how long the usual therapeutic process took. In order to facilitate more rapid change, and save his clients both time and money, he developed The Tool found in this book.

By using The Tool, clients came to see the totally of their situation, bringing rapid change and improvement. The process was so successful-not only because it was fast, but because it was easy- that he shared it with friends and acquaintances. He found it as effective outside of therapy as it was in therapy.

Dr. Bennet says: “ To my pleasant surprise, people who used The Tool not only improved their coping skills, but went on to transform their lives far beyond what they thougth possible.

This book will show you:

  • How to stop making bad choices and start making good choices.
  • How to transform your relationship with fear.
  • How to stop extreme behavior and begin balanced living.
  • How to see beyond your life as it is, to how your life can be.