The Ascension Guides

Books by Dr. Kelly Randolph Bennett and Cheryl “Charlie” Romney-Brown M.A.

Kelly Randolph Bennett, Ph.D

Dr. Bennett began his career as an astronautical engineer, later becoming a psychologist and professor. For the last 50 years, he’s used Psychology, Brainwave Optimization, and Meditation to help individuals, families, and businesses thrive. Dr. Bennett lived and worked in the United States, Australia, South East Asia, Ecuador, and now resides in Mexico. Four books have been published by Amazon, based on fifteen years of intense meditation, collected with his wife, Cheryl “Charlie” Romney-Brown.

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Cheryl “Charlie” Romney-Brown, M.A.

Cheryl “Charlie” Romney-Brown, M.A. is an award-winning poet and literature professor. Active in both politics and women’s issues,Romney-Brown served on presidential commissions and in many civic organizations supporting literacy and women’s empowerment. She is the founder of Women’s Voices, an international women’s organization with with international chapters.

Tools to Improve Your Life

The Ascension Perspective: Rise Above the Chaos of Life

This book reveals what you always wanted to know about this journey called life and what really matters on planet Earth.

Karma Transformed: Fast-Track Your Evolution

For those interested in a conscious connection and unity, LIFE is shortcutting the ancient process–earlier conditioning from lives past.

Too Much, Too Little, Just Right: From Extremes to Balance

By using this tool, readers come to see the totality of their situation, bringing rapid change and improvement.

Abre – Expande – Conecta – Sigue

Revela lo que tu siempre quisiste saber acerca de este viaje llamado vida, y de lo que realmente importa a largo plazo en el planeta Tierra.